Jul 212014

This weekend, despite being unable to attend QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas, ended up being a pretty great weekend. For the first time ever, I helped create a video game. I’ve always loved video games, and have long since wanted to make one. I decided to go to a “game jam” run by the good folks at Game CoLab called Phoenix Makes Games Jam, which for the uninitiated, is a timed challenge for people to create an entire video game. In this case, we had 48 hrs to make a dinosaur themed game.

The result of that endeavor was Dinosaur Story. A dinosaur survival and life simulator. Thanks to the hard work of our team (Team BINT), we were able to pull together a pretty impressive game in a very short amount of time. The best part of it all, is that we had fun doing it. We were probably the loudest group there, laughing and playing chiptunes the whole way through. Because of this great team, I was able to create inspired music which fit the theme of the game in addition to graphics assets which made up the title screen and some parts of the gameplay.

Dinosaur Story Title Screen

At the end of the day, our hard work was rewarded by winning first place in the competition in addition to winning a science award from ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination for our commitment to keeping the game (reasonably) scientifically accurate.

A huge thanks goes out to the team who made this happen…

Ian Robinson, the bad ass coder who gave us the tech and ability to make this game next level. This guy will definitely be going big places in the future.

Tyler Knecht, our capri wearing shadow coder, artist, and all around nice guy. Thanks to Tyler, we were able to put all of our hard work together into one cohesive piece.

Noti Peppas, our other bad ass coder who very quickly learned how to use tools he never used before (Unity) and created critical parts of the game including the UI and gameplay scripts.

phoenix makes games jam 2014 winners

All of these guys are awesome and talented. If you’re making a game and need some talented developers, I cannot think of anyone else to call who love video games and programming more than these cats.

Special thanks to Ben, Austin, and Alex at Game CoLab for making this happen. Also thanks to all the sponsors, and to the other teams for giving us such fierce competition.

Event Photos:

You can hear a short version of the music I composed and recorded for the game here:

Video of the title screen I made the graphics for and the team programmed:

A (very) short gameplay demonstration:

Expect complete version to be for sale on BandCamp before the end of the week.

All games from the Jam will be playable online shortly, expect links soon. In the meantime, check out the local press we received here, here, & here.

Jul 172014


A tribute to the DooM franchise and id Software, celebrating the reveal of Doom 4 gameplay footage at QuakeCon.

We’ve all waited for a new Doom for a long time. Enjoy this free download. If you like it, share it with your friends, gaming sites, etc.

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Jul 162014

mercurius fm megamix future past

Here is a mega mix of all my original music from the past and samples from upcoming, unreleased music. It was originally created for RBMA, but ultimately was not selected. Now you can download it and enjoy.

If you like what you hear, please share it and blog it. I rely on fans to help spread the word!

Heard a sound you like? You can probably find it here:

Special thanks to labels: @police-records, @Brooklynfire, @BrokenSynth, Idiot House

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Thanks for the support to @nerdyframesblog and @dani-1

May 222014

This is the first Mercurius FM newsletter. Thanks for reading.

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Don’t forget you can also visit my official siteTumblrFacebook, and Google+. The goal of this newsletter will be to keep you up to date with my latest music. I will also offer support to other artists who I think are doing good work.

So to get things started, my latest remix is a bootleg remix of Pharrell Williams’ song Brand New. It garnered quite a bit of plays and even charted on the HypeM Remix charts briefly at #48. Shout out to Nerdy Frames for the support on that! I’d also like to voice support for Pharrell’s G I R L album as a whole, it’s a nice album. Definitely worth listening to.

In other news, I will no longer be doing monthly mixes. Fact is, while they do get a couple hundred plays, it’s not really something I have the time to do when it gets such a minimal response. Instead, DJ mixes will be made on special occasions only, or for radio shows/blogs/etc, or for gigs of course. In the future, you can also expect more remixes than original content going forward. Mercurius FM has been my main project since 2005 but has never offered any sort of financial return to keep it going. With that said, I’m not giving up on Mercurius FM, but rather toning it down so I can work on other projects which might be more rewarding both on an artistic level and a personal level.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported my music over the years. Whether it was a purchase or a retweet, thanks.

5 Songs to Hear:
dOP – Close Up (Louisahhh!!! Remix)
Techno voice of the future.
RITON – The Same Feat. Irfane
2014 Prince vibes.
E.Vax – Daughters
Is Ratatat back?
Treasure Fingers & The Knocks – DYWT (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix)
One of the coolest house tracks all year.
Duck Sauce – NRG
Cheesy, feel good house.

Thanks for spending this time with me. Maybe next month we’ll do it again!

-Mercurius FM
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