Out Now: Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Mercurius FM Acid Remix)

Daft Punk Get Lucky Mercurius FM Acid Remix D 800 copy

A classic acid house style remix of Daft Punk’s hit track Get Lucky just in time for the holidays. The track was inspired by dance music pioneer DJ Pierre’s seminal acid house style of music. I also drew inspiration from Daft Punk’s music writing style which integrates beautiful analog synthesizer sounds with the coldness of vintage drum machines. Happy holidays!

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Download, blog, DJ this track as much as you want. Feel free share this link if you like what you hear so I don’t have to pay some corporate suits for people to enjoy my art.

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Early support from DJ Paul Johnson and Nerdy Frames.

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Support the original artist Daft Punk: http://daftpunk.com

Original song and music by Daft Punk. Remix recorded, produced, and mastered by Mercurius FM in Phoenix, Az.

This track is being offered as “fair use” for “non-commercial” purposes. I am not profiting from the remix. I am offering it as a free artistic tribute to my favorite artists.

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