Hi all,

As many of you may or may not know, I do a weekly post, every monday, on Felix da Housecat’s blog, . Over the last year or so, I’ve posted only classic tracks 5 years or older. Ranging from Chicago jack house to early French electro.

With that said, I’m starting a new monthly feature on unsigned music that I think is dope. This is where you come in. I really love music, and I don’t believe everything coming out today is ALL that should be HEARD. So, I’d like to extend the exposure I can offer to you.

I have a simple, but particular criteria to be featured:

-The track must not be out for sale
-Must be dance music, mostly with a House foundation (no dubstep)
-I’d like to focus on originals, but if a really great remix comes by I will consider it
-You must be willing to part with a 320kbs mp3
-DO NOT SEND ME ATTACHMENTS – Links only please.

Think of it as a sort of free promotional release. This is not going to make you money (directly), but it will get you into the kids ipod’s. It will get you heard. You may even hear your own music when you walk into your Friday night spot.

Feel free to send any tracks that you have personally produced/made to mercurius FM @ Gmail .com
No promises, no guarantees, but I will listen to everything that is sent to me.


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