Why I Tag My Music With #EDM Despite It’s Ugly Reputation With the Underground

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I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I want to talk about EDM and it’s perceived stigma.

I will be the first to admit it… At first, I hated the concept of EDM. I mean, after all, we had genres already. We already called our music Electronic Music… or Dance Music. Previously, it was called Electronica. Of course, there were other names before that.

As EDM became a household name, I noticed a large divide in the scene… the underground people went further underground and the mainstream scene continued to push EDM in an almost circus like manner.

Then people started to say EDM is an actual separate genre… meanwhile it’s not. It’s like rock. Within rock we have classic rock, metal, heavy metal, punk, etc. Well, similarly, with EDM we have house, techno, dubstep, etc.

Then the really ugly stuff came out about ghost producers. Something that is disconcerting in a genre where the artists are called “producers”. Then things got even worse with multiple DJs being caught unplugged, socialites began DJing elite venues, and popular producers belittled the art of DJing and live performance in general.

As with any popular genre, you will get copycats and people reproducing a popular sound for a quick buck. You’ll get the fakers who pay incredible amounts of money for 15 minutes of fame. You’ll also get talented people who say and do stupid stuff.

However, this shouldn’t mean the whole genre of EDM is trash… and it doesn’t.

At first, I fought EDM. Then I realized, it’s a home for all dance music lovers to come together. That’s why I tag my music EDM in addition to specific sub-genres… Who says a trap chick can’t like techno? Who says an old school house music guy wouldn’t love a future funk song? The idea of thinking a hashtag will force a listener away is insane. I know there are much smarter people in this world than that. Electronic music has always had a very rich and diverse culture regardless of your color, gender, and/or orientation. EDM is the ultimate representation of this, and must be embraced both by the old schoolers and the new fans. New genre’s are appearing at a rapid rate, along with new artists and labels. If I didn’t believe in new music, I wouldn’t create new tracks and make DJ sets with new music. I wouldn’t be starting my record label Broken Synth, which is preparing to release cutting edge, new electronic music.

I’m excited to see how things unfold and to find out what electronic music is called in 20XX!

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