Gamer’s Paradise Party Mix 01 OUT NOW

Gamer's Paradise Party Mix 01 by Mercurius FM

Happy to finally release the first online mix for Gamer’s Paradise Party. You’ll hear lots of chiptunes, EDM remixes, and more gamer friendly music. This is a very small sampling of the music I play during my weekly gamer party. Feel free to share this video link and subscribe to the channel. The track listing is available in the YouTube¬†description.

Also available on MixCloud.

NOTE: If you’d like to download the mix, sign up for my newsletter. I’ll send the download link next week.

Also, if you’re in the Phoenix, Az area, next week (Aug 23) we will have FLEXSTYLE dropping a guest set of OCRemix and Gamechops fame! YES. RSVP Here.

Gamer’s Paradise Party is available for booking! So if you’re promoter or have a special event (conventions, corporate parties, etc) we can give you an awesome party for gamers.

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