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Tunisia Bambaata Remix

I remixed/edited DJ Mehdi’s new song Tunisia Bambaata off of his EP Pocket Piano.
I think it came out well.

Here is the link to download it:
TUNISIA BAMBAATA (Mercurius FM Special Dance Edit) – DJ Mehdi

Feel free to enjoy it and use it!


Mehdi responded to me…

“Hey Bo,
Good job on the edit mate,
Glad I could inspire, keep it coming,


2 thoughts on “Tunisia Bambaata Remix

  1. I liked the original version more;
    It might be because I listened to it so much.
    This one is too fast, I think.
    take care, and keep it coming

  2. i can appreciate that. I just bumped it to the speed I DJ at and gave it elements that made it fit my style. Thats typically what I do when I edit, unless I have some really creative idea for a remix.

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