My face in the paper…

Check out this really nice and upbeat write up about me and my gig tomorrow with One Man Party (Soulwax). Thanks for the support Phoenix New Times!

Here’s what they said:

It isn't fair to call Mercurius FM a "retro artist," but 

there is a definite "old school" tone to his work. His 

2007 remix of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" augmented 

the sexy vibe of the original song with squiggly synths 

and brisk tempos, and established a steady stream of 

hype for the DJ. Mercurius FM hasn't let up, either. He 

releases exclusive mixes via his Facebook page 

(, and his May Mix 2011 

demonstrates the same French house-on-speed groove that 

is sure to be on display on Saturday, June 11, at Brick, 

55 North Third Street, where Mercurius FM will take the

 stage as part of the Faux Show Summer Pre-Party, 

spinning alongside LCD Soundsystem favorite One Man Party

(Steve Slingeneyer of Soulwax) and DJ Jared Alan. Tickets

 are $6 and the electro-jams start at 10 p.m.

See the whole article here.

Check out the Facebook event for the show here.

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