So I thought it would be cool to show off my studio a bit. Its not the most amazing place in the world, but for me, its home.

So here are some pix:

Apple iBook G4
Propellerheads Reason 4
Apple Soundtrack

KRK Rokit6 Studio Monitors (x2)
M-Audio Keystation 49e
Roland Juno-6
Roland Juno-106
Rocktron Banshee Talkbox
Thomas Heathkit Organ (early 70s)
Shure KSM 27 Condenser Mic
Mixed Percussion (cowbells, plastic block, glass bottle)

Yeah, that about covers it!

Stay beautiful,

Author: Mercurius FM


1 thought on “STUDIO BIZNIZ”

  1. love the brass knuckles in the second pic… its a nice way of saying “dont steal my shit, I crush Skulls”

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