WON! 2012 Toronto Independent Music Awards!

Hey everyone,

I just got back from Toronto, Canada where I was nominated & won the 2012 Toronto Independent Music Awards for the Best USA category. I submitted my track months ago… it was a promotional mini mix of my EP For Those About To Techno…. It underwent review and was ultimately nominated in September. I travelled all the way from crazy hot Phoenix, Az to the cold and bustling city of Toronto, Ont, Ca. Ironically, the awards ceremony was held at the Phoenix Theater, a fairly large concert hall which afforded a nice and loud sound system coupled with a pleasant and casual atmosphere. I arrived there with my companion, Melissa B, where we were greeted by TIMA ringleader Daniela Oliva. Thanks to everyone at TIMA 2012 who voted for me and most of all, thanks to all my fans who’ve supported my music over these many long and challenging years. I can honestly say I’ve never made a track with the intention of trying to satisfy anybody. I’ve only made the best music I can make that is awesome to me. It brings me great pride and pleasure to share it with you.

Here’s some pics at the event…

Check out my winning entry, “For Those About To Techno…

You can also get my latest promo mix and other music at my Soundcloud.

I did some more interviews which I will be posting as they become available.

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