Unicorn Techno nominated for 12th Annual Independent Music Awards

In 2012, I released an EP called “For Those About To Techno…“. It included 5 tracks and has garnered me a bit of attention over the last year including a win at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. Now, the nominations have finally come in for the Independent Music Awards (this ones international) and I was nominated for Best Song in the Dance/Electronica category. The song they nominated is Unicorn Techno, off of my For Those About To Techno… EP. You can listen to it below…

Previous winners of the IMA’s in this category include Freezepop, Flying Lotus, & Birdy Nam Nam. If you’d like to help me win, you can vote for my song Unicorn Techno!


independent music awards techno


Make sure you rate UNICORN TECHNO 5 stars.

Again, thanks to all my supporters and tell your friends about it!

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