Newsletter 1: New remix, no more mixes, 5 cool tracks.

This is the first Mercurius FM newsletter. Thanks for reading.

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So to get things started, my latest remix is a bootleg remix of Pharrell Williams’ song Brand New. It garnered quite a bit of plays and even charted on the HypeM Remix charts briefly at #48. Shout out to Nerdy Frames for the support on that! I’d also like to voice support for Pharrell’s G I R L album as a whole, it’s a nice album. Definitely worth listening to.

In other news, I will no longer be doing monthly mixes. Fact is, while they do get a couple hundred plays, it’s not really something I have the time to do when it gets such a minimal response. Instead, DJ mixes will be made on special occasions only, or for radio shows/blogs/etc, or for gigs of course. In the future, you can also expect more remixes than original content going forward. Mercurius FM has been my main project since 2005 but has never offered any sort of financial return to keep it going. With that said, I’m not giving up on Mercurius FM, but rather toning it down so I can work on other projects which might be more rewarding both on an artistic level and a personal level.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported my music over the years. Whether it was a purchase or a retweet, thanks.

5 Songs to Hear:
dOP – Close Up (Louisahhh!!! Remix)
Techno voice of the future.
RITON – The Same Feat. Irfane
2014 Prince vibes.
E.Vax – Daughters
Is Ratatat back?
Treasure Fingers & The Knocks – DYWT (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix)
One of the coolest house tracks all year.
Duck Sauce – NRG
Cheesy, feel good house.

Thanks for spending this time with me. Maybe next month we’ll do it again!

-Mercurius FM
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