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* What Is Ebola? *

Ebola is a rare but deadly virus that causes bleeding inside and outside the body. As the virus spreads through the body, it damages the immune system and organs. Ultimately, it causes levels of blood-clotting cells to drop. This leads to severe, uncontrollable bleeding. The disease, also known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever or Ebola virus, kills up to 90% of people who are infected.

* How Do You Get Ebola? *

Ebola isn’t as contagious as more common viruses like colds, influenza, or measles. It spreads to people by contact with the skin or bodily fluids of an infected animal, like a monkey, chimp, or fruit bat. Then it moves from person to person the same way. Those who care for a sick person or bury someone who has died from the disease often get it. Other ways to get Ebola include touching contaminated needles or surfaces. You can’t get Ebola from air, water, or food. A person who has Ebola but has no symptoms can’t spread the disease, either.

* What Are the Symptoms of Ebola? *

Early on, Ebola can feel like the flu or other illnesses. Symptoms show up 2 to 21 days after infection and usually include:

High fever
Joint and muscle aches
Sore throat
Stomach pain
Lack of appetite

As the disease gets worse, it causes bleeding inside the body, as well as from the eyes, ears, and nose. Some people will vomit or cough up blood, have bloody diarrhea, and get a rash.

* How Can You Prevent Ebola? *

There’s no vaccine to prevent Ebola. The best way to avoid catching the disease is by not traveling to areas where the virus is found. Health care workers can prevent infection by wearing masks, gloves, and goggles whenever they come into contact with people who may have Ebola.

* Why Is Ebola Spreading So Fast? *

Because when people travel, they lie about the places they have been, such as regions known to be at risk for Ebola. To prevent the disease from spreading, people must be honest and think of the greater good when traveling.

* Why Does Ebola Still Exist In 2014? *

Thanks to poor health care in under developed regions, disease runs rampant. Human life is lost consistently and without a thought. More funding is needed to keep people healthy throughout the world. There is also a disturbingly low amount of money invested in medical research for cures of deadly diseases when compared to other areas of research. There are many schools who have underfunded labs working on these diseases, but they can only do so much.

* What Can I Do To Stop Ebola & Deadly Diseases? *

I encourage you to support any legitimate health organizations who offer care in those regions. I encourage you to make a difference and make a contribution to medical science.

Check these places out…

Johns Hopkins School (Researches many diseases, looking for cures.)http://www.jhsph.edu/giving/

Red Cross (Humanitarian organization. Accepts blood donations.)http://www.redcross.org/

CDC Foundation (Helps distribute health information to many people)http://www.cdcfoundation.org/givenow

Thanks to WebMD.com for the facts used in the video.http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/ebola-fever-virus-infection


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Art by Melissa B. http://melbdrawings.com

Video by Mercurius Creative, LLC. http://mercuriuscreative.com

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