Here are things that people have said about me…

“If any one is serious about remixing, it’s Mercurius FM. He’s from Phoenix, Arizona, and he is representative of the next wave of dedicated musicians who are churning hard day and night to remix hits.”
Hipster Runoff

“Mercurius FM hails from Phoenix, AZ and he will fuck a bird up. well i’m not sure if that’s a true statement but his remixes are fairly homeric. i came across his 100% rework on the now-more-awesome-than-ever palsmout and haven’t stopped listened to it yet.”
Powder Horn Terrace

“this remix makes me think of a daft punk production. wait, no, it makes me think of a Mercurius FM production.”
Tufts Mania

“Sebastien Grainger – When U Go Out (Mercurius FM Disco Love Mix)
This is one that has been in a lot of my sets since last summer, I picked a lot of the tracks for this mix from the folder I made just before I went out on tour. This is another song much like The Tough Alliance song that always has me singing along jumping around like a fool in the club (or in my room)”

“Between all the Justice action and these Chromeo remixes, we’ve become excellent chair dancers. Like, maybe even competitive level. Making us want to bust a move on one of those rainbow light-up dance floors a la the Har Mar disco-off in the Starsky & Hutch flick is Mercurius FM’s remix of “Tenderoni.” We can see the neon already.”
Vice Records

“Arizona DJ somehow makes one of the greatest songs ever written even sexier. It may be possible to get pregnant just by playing this. You were warned.”
Rolling Stone Magazine

“man, u did some heavy duty editing! Crazy, i thought it was hopeless to dance to before but now…Haha! U took it further out than the shinichi mix! And u left out the Chorus..absolutely anti commercial! So much work…U a true Chopmeister! danke”

“i hope you don’t mind i’m adding your remix to my website player.”
Sebastien Grainger

“Shit is hot!
thanks homie…”

“we really like it.
is it finished ?
could you send us a .wav or .aiff ?
we’d like to play it out.”

“Mercurius FM certainly has a style of his own. He has a remix of Prince that he recently submitted for public viewing at the contest site on soundcloud. He is a mysterious man who I know very little about, but you are welcome to check him and his work out on the site as well as read a little bit more about him in the DJ Bios (unsigned). Thank you Mercurius for sharing.”

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