Who is Mercurius FM?

Mercurius FM is an multi-genre electronic music artist and DJ. He blends video game music and specialist electronic sound design in his music and DJ sets. Mercurius FM’s award winning music has been featured on various publications and playlists. He is a passionate performer who loves music and sharing his love of video games.

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Booking & Management: MERCURIUSFM@GMAIL.COM / Phone: 213-444-9493

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Live Performance at Game On Expo:

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Quick Facts:

  • DJ genre: Techno, House, Trap, Future Bass, Footwork, and a variety of sub-genres. Video games and EDM. Also, open format.
  • Sound comparable to classic Daft Punk, Green Velvet, Diplo & Boys Noize.
  • Specializes in EDM x Video Game Music special events. Gamer DJ parties have been brought to multiple bar arcades including The Grid, Endgame, Tilt Toronto, Cobra Arcade Bar, Lucky Strike and more every year.
  • Performed at Game On Expo, Phoenix Comicon, Phoenix Fan Fusion, Anime Los Angeles, and more.
  • Winner at Toronto Independent Music Awards (USA), Independent Music Awards (Dance/Electronica), New Times Best of Phoenix (Remixer), Global Game Jam Phoenix (Game Composer/co-Designer), Phoenix Makes Games Jam (Game Composer/co-Designer), Excellence in Audio by Phoenix Comicon and Intel (Game Soundtrack Composer) and more.
  • Music supported by top DJs including ETC!ETC!, Thee Mike B, SHAQ aka DJ Diesel, Tommie Sunshine, Dave Clarke, DJ Falcon, The Reef, Feadz, Zombie Nation, Designer Drugs, R3LL, DJ Sega, Felix Da Housecat, MSTRKRFT, One Man Party (ex-Soulwax), Acid Jack, Wiwek, Sedat The Turkish Avenger & others.
  • Performed at Canadian Music Week. Also, along side Felix Da Housecat, One Man Party (ex-Soulwax), Gina Turner & headlined several nights including his own Gamer’s Paradise Party (video game EDM party) and .DEATH (goth techno).
  • Multiple official releases and remixes released globally.
  • EP “1997” out on Idiot House Records (Acid Jack’s label) became a Top 100 Techno Release on
  • Remix of Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye ranked #1 on & was featured on Rolling Stone Magazine. Daft Punk – Contact remix ranked #23 on remix charts.
  • Owner of record label Broken Synth Recordings.
  • Speaker at multiple pop culture conventions including Phoenix Comicon and Saboten Con on the subject of video games and DJ culture.


Mercurius FM is an Electronic Music Artist & DJ based in the US. His music has been celebrated by international press including Rolling Stone Magazine, accumulated multiple independent music awards, and has earned spots on various curated playlists and music charts. Mercurius FM creates music in multiple genres with detailed production and specialist sound design. Shaq aka DJ Diesel, Thee Mike B, Tommie Sunshine, Dave Clarke, ETC!ETC!, Justice, Feadz, DJ Falcon, DJ Sega, Felix Da Housecat, and Zombie Nation are just some of the DJ’s who have praised and supported Mercurius FM tracks over the years. In addition to creating originals and remixes for other labels, Mercurius FM also manages his own record label, Broken Synth, which is dedicated to independent DIY electronic music. His passion for video games has also led Mercurius FM to remix game soundtracks, compose award winning video game music, and speak at comicon events on the subject of VGM. Furthermore, Mercurius FM has DJ’d multiple video game events blending video game music and specialist electronic sounds. Finally, he also designs video games with his company, Virtua Worlds. Visit for the latest updates.

Press & Support:

Phoenix New Times covering Gamer's Paradise Party
Phoenix New Times covering Gamer’s Paradise Party

“Dope remix. We’ll spin it up.”
Shaq aka DJ Diesel

“This remix makes me think of Daft Punk production. Wait, no, it makes me think of a Mercurius FM production.”

“Arizona DJ somehow makes one of the greatest songs ever written even sexier. It may be possible to get pregnant just by playing this. You were warned.”
Rolling Stone Magazine

“Making us want to bust a move on one of those rainbow light-up dance floors is Mercurius FM’s remix.”
Vice Records

“Mercurius FM does it again people! We heart this remix.”

“A great remix of Daft Punk’s track ‘Contact’ has dropped into our audio lap and we’re loving it.”
Your Music Radar

“Creating enough blast for any early morning risers needing that last shot of adrenalin to push them through to 8am, the spirit of Mr Oizo & Armand Van Helden, Green Velvet type dimensions are sorely being created by Arizona’s Mercurius FM here. Breaking ground on a ceremonial 5-track pitch of booster rockets and smoky fire, Mercurius FM’s TR-909 dedication in skilful programming has certainly paid off. These tracks are definitely not for the faint-hearted.”
Aerial Noise

“I was halted by this LIFELIKE edit by Mercurius FM. When someone labels a song “edit” it usually means they added a bigger beat or minor synth work, often resulting in undeserved praise. But in this case MFM tweaks the original quite a bit; speeding things up and completely removing goofy rap verses. It’s the musical equivalent to a free margarita. Mmm.”
Nashville Nights

“As an artist who believes a remix should maintain the heart of the original and that artists should be careful not to consider sampling to be the same as remixing he stays true to his beliefs.”
Salacious Sound

“Now as for Mercurius FM… well he did a damn good remix of one of her tracks that we played on our radio show here in NZ.”
NerdyFrames for Dani Deahl

“While everyone in the electronic game has tripped over themselves to call what they do something else — chillwave, dancecore, bit-pop — Mercurius FM has stuck stridently to his roots, calling his May 2012 mix This Is Techno. Mercurius routinely updates his blog with gloriously old-school remixes of artists like Usher, The Beastie Boys, Prince, and his own analog compositions. Mercurius doesn’t position himself as better than anyone else, and that’s the glory of it all: He simply doesn’t have to.”
Phoenix New Times

“It isn’t fair to call Mercurius FM a “retro artist,” but there is a definite ‘old school’ tone to his work. His 2007 remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” augmented the sexy vibe of the original song with squiggly synths and brisk tempos, and established a steady stream of hype for the DJ. Mercurius FM hasn’t let up, either. He releases exclusive mixes via his Facebook page, and his May Mix 2011 demonstrates the same French house-on-speed groove that is sure to be on display on Saturday, where Mercurius FM will take the stage spinning alongside LCD Soundsystem favorite One Man Party.”
Phoenix New Times

“If any one is serious about remixing, it’s Mercurius FM.”
Hipster Runoff

“We don’t have much to add, but to insist on the quality of this EP, … it smells the big fat vintage keyboard.”

Photos for Press and Flyers:

Logo retro
Mercurius FM Sharp 2048

Contact & Connect:
Booking & Management: MERCURIUSFM@GMAIL.COM / Phone: 213-444-9493

Official Site / Bandcamp / Youtube / Spotify / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

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