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Mercurius FM is an electronic music artist, DJ, and gamer. His award winning music gets played by influential DJ’s around the world. Mercurius FM’s official and bootleg remixes of various artists have topped online charts with his signature sound. He is a passionate performer who loves music and sharing his love of video games.


As a gamer and music creator, I am already your customer. Traditionally, people who create music are pushed towards Apple products, such as the Macbook Pro line. However, in recent times Apple has turned its back on music artists and DJs in several critical ways: Removal of USB ports, Non-upgradeable RAM and HDD, poor value for price, consistent OS updates which break old software. This is the reason why I chose a Sager laptop instead of a new MBP. There are many reasons why your laptop is more appealing including price, value, enhanced music creation performance, and of course, the ability to play many more games. As it turns out, many people in the electronic music world are “nerds”… which makes sense because they are people who spend thousands of hours (and dollars) in front of computers all day creating music, marketing their brands, and more.

I know I would be a valuable part of your marketing strategy in something called influencer marketing. I want to be your brand “Evangelist”. Basically, other music artists (“producers” as they like to be called) will see me using your hardware, enjoying the benefits of the hardware and then they will desire it. Instead of it seeming like a “paid off” sponsorship such as what Razer did with Deadmau5 and Carnage (who shamed their brand with pirated plugins), this is an authentic and relatable sponsorship. While I may not carry the massive name of those artists, I do carry a social media following and interact extensively online and in the real world gamer community. I am willing to work with Sager and include your logo on everything I do. I am also looking to do more on Youtube, so of course everything would be running via your hardware (and the viewers would know it).


I’m not looking for money at this point. I would simply like your best laptop (each year perhaps) and some marketing support (subject to your approval of course) when I release new content (music, mixes, videos, etc) or have special events. Please take a look at the data below to learn even more about me.

(includes more about career and acheivements)



Total Direct Social Media Followers: 5365+

Facebook 2485
Twitter 1325
Instagram 470
Youtube 58
Newsletter 220
Soundcloud 807

Extended Networks: (my gamer party) (my record label) (my gaming site) (my composer site)

I also have various associates on social media who help support posts and what not such as other companies, record labels, fellow DJs, etc.

I’ve also included some screenshots of my metrics on social media.


Another part of my brand is I get booked for pop culture events as press or a special guest (speaker). Below are some of the conventions and events I’ve done:
Phoenix Comicon (multiple years)
Saboten Con (multiple years)
Stan Lee’s Comikaze/LA Comicon (multiple years)
Anime Los Angeles
Long Beach Comicon

Speaking about video game music

Of course, I am also DJ, with gigs every month.

DJing at an arcade

Contact & Connect:
Booking & Management: MERCURIUSFM@GMAIL.COM / Phone: 213-444-9493

Official Site / BandcampFacebook / Twitter / Youtube / Instagram / Spotify

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